The 49ers lose again and I’m partly to blame

I didn't watch the whole game, but I watched enough of Sunday's contest against the Patriots to ensure another 49ers loss this season, 30-21 vs. the Pats.

San Francisco is now 2-0 when I spend my Sundays away from the TV and 0-3 when I take the time to tune in.

I'm positive that I'm a minor curse to Mike Nolan's crew even though a co-worker did recently point out that the 49ers probably have such a terrible record when I watch simply because they're a terrible team.

Logic won't get in the way of my irrational certainty that my viewing of 49ers games contributes to their losing ways.

On a totally different note regarding Sunday at Candlestick Park, has Steve Young been productive in retirement or what?  Look at that photo.  The man has three kids and one in the oven.  Impressive.

If Young embraces the radical side of his Mormon roots and enthusiastically dives into polygamy he'll probably have enough kids to field his own football team in about five years.

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