Sweet October

Good thing I was too lazy to post some predictions for the baseball playoffs because like a lot of people I was going to play up the Cubs’ chances of finally winning it all.

Unfortunately, Lou Pinella’s boys are doing a face-plant against Joe Torres’ Dodgers through two games of the National League Division Series.

The NLDS moves from Wrigley Field to Dodger Stadium this weekend which doesn’t exactly look like the cure for what ails the Cubbies considering that they hit .290 at home with an .839 OPS at home this season but only .266 with a .758 OPS on the road.

Sending Rich Harden and Ted Lilly to the hill on Saturday and Sunday, combined with a strong bullpen, should at least give the Cubs a fighting chance to bring the series back to Chicago but it won’t be easy.

The Dodgers will counter with Hiroki Kuroda who has great numbers at Dodger Stadium and Derek Lowe who posted a 2.38 ERA and 1.00 WHIP after the All-Star break.

Around the rest of the league, the Brewers look Cub-like as they trail the Phillies 2-0 in the other NLDS showdown, the Angels will try to tie the American League Division Series at 1-1 against the Red Sox tonight after a moronic one-day break in the schedule and the Rays will try and take a 2-0 lead on loudmouth Ozzie Guillen’s White Sox in the ALDS tonight.

I’ll cut through all the series-by-series predictions and make my call that the Rays will win the World Series by the time it’s all said and done.

Home-field advantage, a healthy Carl Crawford and the fact that they’re too young to know any better makes Tampa Bay my pick to go all the way in October.

* VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEATH MATCH: There’s no way I’ll go so far as to say that my call for an upset victory for GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin over Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden came through in the debate last night, but the woman at least confidently stood her ground and didn’t come across as a total glue-sniffing moose eater the way she did in her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric over the past few weeks.

At best, I’d say it was a draw which is an infinitely better showing than anyone would have imagined from Eskimo Barbie just a few days ago.

Depending on which side of the fence you sit on politically, it was a clear win for Biden or Palin.

For the sake of entertainment value over the next few weeks I hope that last night’s VP debate will help tighten up the presidential race as we head down the home stretch.

Regardless of how the rest of the campaign plays out I’m more likely to pick a third-party candidate or write myself in for president than vote for Obama-Biden or McCain-Palin once election day rolls around in California, which is about as far from being a swing state as possible.

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