I knew it was a bad idea to watch the 49ers game

I should have known better.

The 49ers were 2-0 this season when I passed on watching them play on Sunday afternoon.  I finally returned to plopping in front of the TV to watch a 49ers game this weekend and they promptly dropped to 0-2 when I take the time to tune in.

I honestly can't remember the last time I saw them win a game.

Sunday's game featured two costly interceptions and one fumble by the 49ers as they stumbled to a 31-17 loss to the Saints in New Orleans.  The fact that quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan got sacked six times didn't help matters.

Overall, those numbers are about as ugly as the box score posted by the 49ers in the only other game I tuned in to this year, the 23-13 season-opening loss to the Cardinals.  San Francisco fumbled five times in that game and O'Sullivan was sacked four times and was picked off once.

The Patriots, Eagles and Giants are lined up to face the 49ers in the next three weeks.  With a schedule like that and my bad luck, the best thing for me to do on Sunday is anything other than watch the 49ers.

* YES, I'M STILL WATCHING "FRINGE":  It took a while but I finally got around to watching this week's episode of "Fringe" and to my delight, the cow is gone!

And I was equally happy to see that the show has scaled back on the campy, over-the-top mad scientist bits with Dr. Bishop.

That's not to say that the mad scientist element of the show is gone, but the Dr. Frankenstein routine has at least been watered down and blended into the flow of the program a lot better than in the earlier episodes.

Hopefully "Fringe" will start diving into the shady link between Massive Dynamic and "The Pattern" in the next few weeks.

Less cow, more conspiracy.  That's all I want out of "Fringe" through the rest of the season.

* SAVED BY MY REMOTE CONTROL: My Sunday as a sports fan was salvaged by channel surfing between the Brewers-Cubs game and the Mets-Marlins game while the 49ers were losing to the Saints.

Watching Ryan Braun and C.C. Sabathia carry the Brewers into the playoffs while the Mets choked for the second season in a row was a lot more entertaining than watching J.T. O'Sullivan throw the ball to the Saints in between getting sacked all afternoon.

* STILL A LITTLE MORE BASEBALL LEFT TO PLAY: It should be fun to see how the AL Central race plays out in the next couple of days.

If the White Sox lose their makeup game against the Tigers on Monday, the Twins win the Central.  But if the White Sox win it'll force a one-game playoff on Tuesday.

If we're lucky, the White Sox will beat the Tigers and we'll be treated to a do-or-die game with the Twins.

Hopefully the Twins and White Sox can at least come close to matching the drama and entertainment value of last season's one-game showdown between the Rockies and Padres with the wild card on the line.


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