Forget Oktoberfest, embrace Septemberfest

As usual, a 2.0 megapixel cell phone camera doesn't do justice to a magical Oktoberfest gathering held in September in Clayton, Ca..

At this point, I think I might be inspired to celebrate Halloween in September too. 

For that matter, Thanksgiving can just as well be celebrated in October as it can in November and Christmas can be celebrated in November for all I care.

Halloween candy and Hallmark Christmas ornaments have been in Longs Drugs for at least a month.  There's no reason we can't follow Clayton's lead and get the party started early, right?

The photos I grabbed with my cell phone camera tonight come nowhere close to capturing the spirit of total public drunkeness in suburbia as men in Lederhosen drive the crowd wild with a German take on Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode and the chicken dance song (my personal favorite).

In throwing caution, and my overall health, to the wind I managed to consume four monster beers and a big basket of fried zucchini, mushrooms and cheese in an hour.

If I don't post to this blog in the next week or two, it won't be because I'm pulling a McCain and suspending my campaign.  It'll be because I'm in the hospital recovering from an overdose of beer and fried foods.

* SWEET, SWEET FREEDOM: Aside from a White Sox-Tigers makeup game, today marks the end of the MLB season and my annual release from fantasy baseball.

Sports Illustrated had a fun column on the Women Against Fantasy Sports Web site ( recently and I'm surprised my wife isn't a founding member.

The first time baseball season came up while we were dating I said "Good bye" to her.  She thought I was joking, but my die-hard devotion to the A's and fanatical effort directed toward fantasy baseball really does consume far too much of my time from spring through the end of the regular season.

For the most part, after today I'll be free of fantasy baseball.

My "best" team in fantasy flopped and my "worst" team is playing for a league championship.

I have one more team that is on the fence between finishing in the money or finishing in the middle of the pack.  We'll see how that one plays out.

* I ALREADY MISS PAUL NEWMAN: My schedule today has been too unpredictable for me to squeeze in a "Slap Shot," "Cool Hand Luke," and "The Hustler" marathon but I already miss the old guy.

Newman's passing has been the saddest thing I've read about in a while.

* DON'T BLAME ME IF THE 49ERS LOSE TODAY: After a sloppy Week 1 loss to the Cardinals I tuned out on Mike Nolan's 49ers because it seemed like every time I watched they lost by a wide margin.

Watching and rooting for them obviously didn't pay off, so I filled my Sundays with more entertaining events.

Sure enough, as soon as I tune out the Niners string together a couple of encouraging wins so now I'm on board again to give them a chance.

If the 49ers are getting whipped by the Saints at halftime I'm going to change the channel to see if that will get them back on a winning track.

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