Now that’s what I’m talking about!

It's not quite what I hoped for (Jill Sobule kissing fellow "I Kissed a Girl"singer Katy Perry) but it's nothing to complain about either: Perry kissing a female friend at a party in London.

According to Mail Online ( Perry does have a boyfriend but I tip my hat to her for following through on this whole "I Kissed a Girl" thing.

* GOTTA LOVE THE BLOGOSPHERE:  Aside from providing an all-too-easy opportunity to run a picture of Katy Perry kissing a girl, blogging on this site is an awesome way to reach out and touch total strangers without worrying about being hit with a Taser or a restraining order.

* OK, THAT'S NICE BUT WHERE'S THE REST OF THE $10 MILLION?:  Brewers relief pitcher Eric Gagne picked up the tab for 5,000 tickets to Thursday's game and gave them away to fans (

It's actually a really cool move by the former Cy Young winner but I don't know if it makes up for what a monumental, overpaid flop the man has been this season.

Gagne landed a $10 million contract to be Milwaukee's closer but he fell flat on his face and lost the job to journeyman Solomon Torres.

I'll throw Gagne a bone and admit that he's put up decent numbers since the All-Star break, but overall he has a 5.56 ERA with seven blown saves which could cost the Brew Crew a playoff spot. 

Milwaukee is tied with the Mets for the wild card heading into the day.

Of course, Gagne is the same guy who put up a 6.75 ERA with three blown saves for the Red Sox last season so what was Brewers GM Doug Melvin thinking when he handed him $10 million?

According to the Brewers' Web site, the most expensive ticket at Miller Park goes for $60 a pop and 5,000 of those babies doesn't even add up to the veteran minimum major-league salary.

If the Brewers spend October at home Gagne should keep on buying tickets to make up for his putrid performance.

Do 5,000 Brewers fans feel like going to a Packers game? How about a couple of Bucks games?  Just call up Gagne, it's the least he can do.


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