Keep on swingin’ Cust

Oakland A's strikeout machine Jack Cust is rapidly running out of chances to set a new Major League record for futility.

Entering play today, Arizona's Mark Reynolds had 199 strikeouts this season to tie the all-time record, Philadelphia's Ryan Howard (the man who set the all-time record) had 196 and Cust had 192.

Cust only has three games left to make a run at history and getting enough at bats could be a major problem because Seattle will send two left-handed starters to the mound this weekend which may land left-handed Cust on the bench.

If Cust's run at history is over, it's been entertaining and he'll always be able to tell his kids that he set a new American League single-season strikeout record in 2008.  Leading the league in walks while smashing more than 30 homers isn't anything to be ashamed of either.

The sub-.250 average and cringe-worthy defense are another story, but you shouldn't expect anything other than a walk, a homer or a strikeout from Cust anyway.

*  SECOND PLACE OR BUST: The A's still have an outside chance of finishing the season in second place in the AL West. All they have to do is climb over the Texas Rangers by the end of the weekend.

With the A's drawing the Mariners and the Rangers facing the Angels this weekend the odds seem to be in Oakland's favor. It's not quite Giants-Dodgers/Braves-Rockies (in their first season) with the NL West title on the line in the final series of 2003 when the loser won 100 games and watched the post-season on TV.

The A's enter the day in third place at 75-83 and could top last season's 76-win, third-place finish.  Not as bad as you would expect for a team in full rebuilding mode.

Sure, that doesn't do a lot to take the sting out of Oakland finishing about 20 games behind the first-place Angels this year but it's better than nothing in what's been a rough season.

* SPEAKING OF BUSTS … BREAST MILK, IT'S WHAT'S FOR DESSERT:  According to via the Drudge Report ( PETA is trying to get Ben and Jerry's to start using human breast milk in its ice cream.

PETA's reasoning for using a woman's teet to sweeten Ben and Jerry's treat?  PETA says that "everyone knows that 'the breast is best' … and a move to human breast milk would lessen the suffering of dairy cows and their babies on factory farms and benefit human health."

Let's face it PETA, it's not like farm cows would go free if everyone starting chugging human breast milk.  They'd still end up being hacked to bits before hitting someone's dinner table (hopefully mine).

And where are we going to get all of that sweet, sweet human breast milk for mass production?  Does anyone really want to see rows and rows of women hooked up to one of these things

I think not.

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