I don’t need this … but I really want it

Woot.com is always fun to check out depending on what's for sale and whether there's a Woot-off going on that particular day.  Sellout.woot.com is usually the ugly sister of the Woot family but not today.

Not with the Midway 12 Game Tabletop Classic Arcade System on sale for just $199.

Out of the 12 games on this system I think I only regularly played two when I was a kid feeding quarter after quarter into arcade machines at Round Table pizza and The Gold Mine at  Fashion Island in Foster City.

I'll freely admit that I have no real use for this thing and no room for it at the house.  I don't play games on my PC and I barely use my Xbox … but for some reason I desperately want to own the Midway Arcade System.

For just $199 my inner child of the '80s could get a Joust or Rampage fix a few times a week on an ugly, oversized system with outdated games I could play for free online and that's just priceless.

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