Ballgirls in the blogosphere

Typically, I go to to check out stats, standings, box scores or news from around the league.  But for a change of pace today I worked my way through's blogs and found that the Phillies' ballgirls have something to say.

Right now the girls at are kicking around recipes for a "Pre-Post-Season Party" and I have to say that the Chris Coste Cucumber and Tomato Salad looks like a winner … even if the Phillies haven't locked up a playoff spot yet.

In case you're wondering about the old-school Phillies hot pants outfits pictured above, ballgirl Laura says they were a bit hot and itchy.

But the Phillies ballgirls aren't the only ones baring their souls at …

* Mountain Dew Reds Crew (  Dubbed "one of the first full-time cheering squads in Major League Baseball" the ladies of the Mountain Dew Reds Crew do their best to fire up Reds fans while manager Dusty Baker does his best to ruin the careers of his starting pitchers.

I've never been to a Reds game so I can't say for sure who's doing a better job, but my gut tells me that in the long run Baker will come out ahead.  Mark Prior and Kerry Wood would probably agree.

* Screech's Blog (  When I clicked on this link I was naturally expecting "Saved by the Bell" geek turned "Celebrity Fit Club" horse's ass Dustin Diamond.  But this blog is even worse. 

This blog belongs to the Nationals' mascot.

In case you're curious, this lazy bird hasn't posted anything since celebrating his third birthday on April 29.  He's either nursing the mother of all hangovers or he flew into a power line.

I'm pulling for the power line.

* Frenchy's Forum (  Ever wonder what's going through the mind of overhyped-yet-somehow-underachieving Braves outfielder Jeff Francoeur? 

Is he wondering why he's hitting just .233, why he swings at garbage or why he was demoted to the minor leagues this season?


Frenchy hasn't waxed poetic about anything since June which is way before his season and the Braves' playoff chances went up in smoke.

I can't believe a wasted a draft pick on this guy in one of my fantasy baseball leagues when players such as Jermaine Dye and Chad Billingsley were still on the board.

* *touch* 'em all (  This magical corner of the Internet is the home to Alyssa Milano and a transparent excuse for me to run a photo of her on this blog.

I despise the Dodgers and she's a die-hard Dodgers fan … but I'll cut her some slack since she's really hot and I really am that shallow.

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