That worked like a charm

After the 49ers stumbled to a 23-13 season-opening loss to the Cardinals I was resigned to wasting my Sundays watching them lose the next few games before finally cutting bait and doing something more productive with my weekends like sleeping in and procrastinating about things to do around the house.

But a change of plans popped up and I spent Sunday afternoon hanging out with my wife and a friend of ours.  While I wasn't looking the 49ers actually managed to win a game, 33-30 in overtime in Seattle.

It just figures that as soon as I tune out for a week, the 49er get their act together and play well.

But maybe that's just how it's going to have to be for me. If I want the 49ers win this season I shouldn't actually watch them play.

The same thing worked for me as an A's fan back in 2006.  The one time I didn't go to a single post-season game in the Billy Beane era was the only time the A's made it past the first round of the playoffs.

On Sunday 49ers quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan was sacked eight times while passing for 321 yards in Mike Martz's offense.  It looks like O'Sullivan is going to take as much of a beating as Kurt Warner did while playing in Martz's "What, me worry about pass protection?" aerial attack.

Smart money says that O'Sullivan is going to miss some time with a concussion before this season is over.  Smart money also says that this win won't look as impressive in a couple of months when the Seahawks are playing .500 football.

But a win is a win and at this point I won't complain too much.

The 49ers should be able to beat the Lions next week before returning to their usual home in the loss column.   As soon as the Lions game is in the books the 49ers will be staring at an impending four game losing streak with the Saints, Patriots, Eagles and Giants looming on the schedule.

One way or another I should probably make it a habit to avoid tuning in to 49ers games.

* WILL I GET LOST?: According to Chuck Barney at the Contra Costa Times, G4 is going to start broadcasting "Lost" tonight which gives me a free opportunity to finally get in on the popular show.

I'll admit to the sad fact that I taped the debut episode of "Lost" way back in 2004 and loved it but since I forgot to tape the next couple of episodes I never tuned back in.  By then I figured I missed too much of the plot to follow where the show was going from week to week.

Now I have a second shot at seeing what all the fuss is about.  But am I too lazy to work my way through four seasons of "Lost."

We'll see. 

* AM I SUPPOSED TO LIKE THIS GUY?:  Frank Caliendo … I just don't get it.  It seems like one way or another this runt is always being shoved down my throat.

If TBS isn't going crazy with "Frank TV" commercials I seem to get stuck seeing this Rich Little wannabe in Dish Network commercials all over the place.

I never liked Rich Little so to a great degree Caliendo is already playing with two strikes on him in my book.

The best I can come up with is this short, dumpy looking so-called comedian is supposed to be the Next Big Thing in some network idiot's pea brain.  But anyone who's being promoted that hard is almost impossible to like.

Caliendo has to clear two major hurdles to entertain me at this point (OK, three if you count the Rich Little thing). Hurdle No. 1 is that I'm already annoyed with Caliendo just because he's in too many stupid commercials.  Hurdle No. 2 is that since he's being pitched as the Next Big Thing for no good reason he has to be even funnier than he's been hyped up to be to impress me.

Good luck with that one Frank.

If I wanted to see subpar comedians do weak celebrity impressions I'd tune in to Saturday Night every week and I do that about as often as I watch the once-mighty 49ers play football.

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