You don’t have to vote for them, but you can play with them

Come on saucy little School Girl Palin, set your partisan differences aside and embrace hunky Beach Blanket Obama.

In real life that’s never going to happen, but for about $60 you can buy these action figures and unite the Republicans and Democrats … even if it’s only in your toy chest.

Now that’s change I can believe in.

A tip of the hat to the Drudge Report for flagging a story at on the new Palin action figure from

Aside from the politician action figures Hero Builders has a handful of other cool features.

If you want to turn yourself or a loved one into a Pez dispenser (and you know you do):

You can also turn yourself into a talking sports action figure for just $595:

And don’t forget your wedding! For a measly $425 setup fee and an additional $19.95 per figure you can turn you and your spouse into wedding favors:


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