Another wasted Sunday

The 49ers opened their season this afternoon so I camped out in front of the TV out of habit and loyalty earned by the teams from the Joe Montana and Steve Young era.

What can I say? Mike Nolan’s 49ers fumbled the day away and there are now about 3 more hours of my life that I’ll never be able to get back again.

I could have spent those hours paying bills, cleaning the house, doing laundry, cleaning dishes or working in the yard. But no, I spent my time watching the 49ers cough the ball up five time on the way to a 23-13 loss against the Arizona Cardinals.

Frank Gore broke off a nice touchdown run and the defense didn’t look half bad, but aside from that it was just one more game in the loss column for the sharp-dressed but painfully dull and ineffective Mike Nolan.

Fortunately I took an extra day off this week to go to a wedding on Friday so the weekend hasn’t been all bad.

The Gods of Free Food smiled on me for a third time this summer when I won lunch for the office at Fuddruckers on Thursday afternoon. That was followed up by dinner and “The Dark Night” on Thursday evening and then, best of all, an open bar at the wedding on Friday.

I think an endless line of free drinks would make Sunday afternoons with the 49ers a lot more entertaining. Do a shot every time the 49ers fumble? Do a shot every time the camera zooms in on a frustrated Mike Nolan? Sounds like a plan to me.


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