Sweet, sweet basic cable violence

AMC is running “Dirty Harry” flicks all week and FX is rolling out the final season of “The Shield” and the debut of “Sons of Anarchy.” A big helping of basic cable violence is just what the doctor ordered for this camper.

Nothing like bad cops and bad bikers to provide a much needed break from the slumping A’s, monotonous, annoying DNC and RNC coverage, and several very busy weeks at work and at home.

* FORGET POLITICS FOR A SECOND: I’m not too concerned about hot GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin’s politics but I am concerned about how she names her kids. Piper? Bristol? Track? Willow? Trig?

Great names for a pony or a dog, not so great for human beings.

I always love to joke about saddling my future children with absurd names like Apollo or Babette, but that’s all it is — a joke.

Then again, if you honestly like chowing down on moose burgers on a regular basis I guess naming your kids Piper, Bristol, Track, Willow and Trig doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

* NO, I’M NOT READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL: The NFL kicks off this week and even though I clearly need something new to watch on TV it’s still hard to come to grips with the fact that it’s already football season.

It’s still summer, fantasy baseball is coming down to the wire and the pennant races are heating up which makes it a little hard to get fired up about J.T. O’Sullivan leading the 49ers into another horrible season.

Oh yeah, the return of the NFL season also means an unhealthy dose of bloated blowhard Chris Berman on ESPN every week.

Like always, I’ll give the Niners the benefit of the doubt through the first few games of the season but by December I’m sure I’ll just tune out and start brainstorming my fantasy baseball rankings for 2009.


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