Animal cruelty

Surfing Ebay while killing some time watching the A's and Angels drag their way through seven innings tonight. I'm happy to say that Huston Street has looked surprisingly sharp for a closer who has fallen so far on the depth chart that he came in to pitch in the sixth inning.

But back to Ebay.  It may still be August, but that's no reason we can't start thinking about Halloween.  The candy is already on the shelves at Longs Drugs so why not see what costumes are floating around on the Net?

The main costume that caught my eye on was the Joker Pet Costume ( 

Somehow this gawdawful pet costume is sandwiched between a seemingly endless line of sexy, naughty costumes:

With the Joker Pet Costume you can mix a great character from a cool movie with your lovable family pet to create something totally absurd for just $19.99 .

When the pets of the world finally unite, spurn domestication and attack humanity, outfits like this will be a big reason why our fuzzy friends choose bloodshed over belly rubs.

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