My inner child must have this

Actually, my outer geek really wants this toy too.

This has to be the most insanely awesome product Nerf has ever made:

For just $40 you can become a foam-shooting dorky version of Rambo, how sweet is that?

* NANNY EMMA SAVES US FROM EVIL:  I've been getting sucked into watching TLC's "Take Home Nanny" the past couple of weeks and as far as I can tell the only thing keeping America from being taken over by a swarm of hell-spawned children is a cute little British nanny who never changes her clothes.

Nanny Emma has a knack for helping clueless, gutless parents and taming kids who would be better off if they had been raised by wolves.

The woman is basically the Brat Whisperer and she works her magic over the course of about three days.

One of the oddest things about the show is that Nanny Emma stays with the family for a few days but never changes her clothes. 

Chasing Satan out of the souls of all those little devils must be hard work because Nanny Emma is apparently too busy to worry about fashion or body odor.

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