The players are gone long before the month is

A quick look at my A's calendar at work drove home a cold, heard reality: If you're a die-hard A's fan, the 2008 calendar is cursed.

The Sport Illustrated cover jinx has nothing on the 2008 Oakland Athletics calendar sold by

Who's on the cover of the bad mojo calendar? Mark Ellis, Dan Haren, Nick Swisher and Eric Chavez. Haren and Swish are long gone, Chavvy is on the DL again and Ellis is probably going to hit the road as a free agent.

Who else graces the pages of the you're-a-goner-if-you're-in-it 2008 calendar?  Jason Kendall (gone), Rich Harden (gone), Marco Scutaro (gone), Travis Buck (demoted to Triple A), Joe Blanton (gone) and  Shannon Stewart (gone).

Bobby Crosby and Huston Street are the only two players in the calendar who are still on the active roster and Street is having a terrible season at the moment.

With so many players featured in the 2008 calendar either injured, struggling, demoted or traded it's a minor miracle that injury-prone shortstop Bobby Crosby has been able to stay on the field most of the season.

I checked out to sneak a peek at the 2009 calendar to see who's the next to go/fall to injuries/have a horrible season.

The winners?  Bobby Crosby, Travis Buck, Daric Barton and Kurt Suzuki.

Croz gets to tempt fate one more time in the Calendar of Doom, Buck has a shot at falling victim to the curse two years in a row, Barton gets to worry about how much worse things can get in his big league career and Suzuki can only wonder what he did to anger the Calendar Gods.


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