He’s here to help … or just scream at you

Where do you go when you’re too trashy to be on “The Jerry Springer Show?” You go on “The Steve Wilkos” show, of course!

I wouldn’t go so far as to actually say that I watch this show, but I’ve seen enough to blog about it.

Wilkos is the big, bald, angry security guard who’s made a career out of tackling white trash on “The Jerry Springer Show.” Well, he’s moved up in the world because he has his own show. God bless America!

From what little I’ve seen, Wilkos tries to help white trash stop being so trashy. He tries to help scumbags stop being so scummy. He tries to help sluts stop being so slutty and he even tried to help a crack-smoking grandmother stop smoking so much of that darn crack.

And he does it all while screaming at the top of his lungs and threatening to beat the crap out of everyone.

Let’s see Oprah, Dr. Phil or Maury try to top that! Actually, if they’re smart they won’t even try because Wilkos would probably beat them until they look like a pile of ground beef.

Check out some video clips at http://video.stevewilkos.com/player/?fid=34165 and don’t miss out on such classics as “Take Me to the Crack House!” and “Steve Attacks an Attacker.”

There’s nothing quite like splashing around in the shallow end of America’s gene pool.

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