Celebrating the idiot in me

This one's a little late, but I may as well throw it out there:  When I saw the headline on Yahoo earlier this week that Russia was attacking Georgia, images of "Red Dawn" flashed through my mind.  I thought, "Those Commie bastards are finally coming after us!"

My pulse raced and I wondered where I could run to for cover.  Mount Diablo might be a good place to start.

Too bad Patrick Swayze is fighting for his life, Charlie Sheen is busy with his little sitcom, C. Thomas Howell is doing magic tricks on VH1 and Powers Booth is begging for voiceover work in L.A.  I guess I'll have to take on the Russians by myself.

Fortunately, Vladdy Putin's boys are actually just bombing the crap out of their neighbor so I can put my Cold War fears to rest … for now.

And in case you're wondering, I don't refer to my PC as WOPR (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WOPR).


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