Catching up

* COOL: We’ve been limping along without AC at the house for about two weeks now but the repair man actually has the system working right now. What a relief.

But there goes one of my best excuses for being lazy and dodging doing work around the house. I can’t whine that it’s close to 90 degrees while I huddle next to a tower fan.

I think my next best option to duck housework is to get a hold of this couch and outfit.

* TAKING NOTICE: USA Network’s “Burn Notice” managed to eat up a few hours of my time on Saturday afternoon. Fun little show. The Chronicle’s Tim Goodman has been playing up “Burn Notice” for a while now and I can finally see why. It’s not exactly high drama, great comedy or jaw-dropping action, but it has just enough of all those elements to be very entertaining and easy to digest hour of TV.

The one odd observation I have is that Gabrielle Anwar looks like she’s gotten too much sun and too few meals since I saw her in “Scent of a Woman.” But she fits into the cast very well as a crazy, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend.

* WHITE FLAG: My fantasy baseball fire sale is in full swing. A boatload of players were shipped out to get Evan Longoria and now almost everyone else on my roster is up for grabs for the right player. I’ll see if a few of the top contenders will bite and cut a deal with me before the trade deadline hits on Aug. 24.

I was only expecting to make on deal for a keeper so anything else will be gravy.

Meanwhile, injuries to Ryan Braun, Carlos Lee and Evan Longoria are killing me in the two leagues where I’m actually competitive.

* NOTHING BEATS FREE: I chowed down on a free burrito at Chipotle on Monday after winning a free lunch for the office last week. Nothing is sweeter than free food!

All you need to cash in on the free lunch is a business card from your office. But does your office really need to win a free lunch for you to get a free burrito?

I seriously doubt it.

The cashier didn’t even look at my business card and there were clearly a lot of other people in line who had their business cards out for a free lunch.

Smart money says you can just flash any business card while the restaurant is busy at lunch and the cashier will let you have your food for free. What are they going to do if your office didn’t really win a free lunch? Call the cops? Hit you with a Taser? Take you out behind the restaurant and break your fingers?

I seriously doubt it.

Give it a try and post your results here. If the staff at Chiptole really does take you out back and break your fingers, please get someone to help you post a comment. It’ll be valuable information for anyone planning to try and scam a free burrito.


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