Keeping my fantasy baseball plans fluid

But what do you do when that fluid turns into urine … or bile, or whatever disgusting fluid you can think of?

That's what happened to my plans this morning for my struggling fantasy baseball team, the Box Drawing Monkeys.

I went to bed last night tied in my weekly head-to-head matchup, just a half game out of the final playoff spot with my sights set on activating some hitters off the DL in the next few weeks to make a final push for the postseason.

I woke up today to find that my best hitter, Carlos Lee, is out for the season. I'm now trailing my head-to-head matchup and the team I'm chasing is pulling away from the pack of wannabe playoff contenders.

Last night my plans were fluid like a fine wine (or at least a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck) but now they're about as fluid as … well, you know.

So now I've waved the white flag and e-mailed everyone with a shot at the playoffs that I'm in fire-sale mode if I can get a good young player back as a keeper for 2009. But just in case I actually manage to rally in my head-to-head matchup this week and stay in the playoff hunt I added a couple of outfielders to try and cover for the loss of Lee.

You know you've finally gone over the deep end and lost yourself in the "fantasy" part of fantasy baseball when you manage to rationalize that adding Jim Edmonds and Jody Gerut to your roster will improve your chances of making the playoffs.


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