By the way, Brian Giles is a loser

Checking in at least a day late and more than a buck short on this one, but San Diego Padres’ outfielder Brian Giles looked like the Tin Man when he vetoed a possible trade to the Boston Red Sox: No heart.

The 37-year-old passed on a chance to play in the national spotlight for a serious World Series contender. You’d think he’d see the writing on the wall and notice that the Padres jumped at the chance to shed his salary as soon as he was claimed on waivers. Do you think San Diego will bring him back for $9 million next season or buy him out for $3 million? Smart money says they’ll buy him out.

Accepting a trade to Boston would have earned Giles an extra $2 million this season thanks to some fine print in his contract, finally given him a real shot at a World Series ring and allowed him to showcase his skills for future employers.

Even if San Diego brings Giles back in 2009 after buying out his contract in the offseason, he threw away a golden opportunity to play in a World Series after toiling in obscurity for the Padres and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Instead of playing meaningful baseball in October, Giles will stay in San Diego with his family and finish out another wasted season with a losing ballclub.


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